We Asked, You Answered: What Should You Do With Pets During Holiday Travel?

Thinkstock Staying with friends or family over the holidays? Make sure you ask the hosts if you can bring your pet. Don’t assume the answer is yes. For some folks, the holiday season is synonymous with travel. And if you’re a pet owner, holiday travel often involves a bit more planning than packing up someRead More

Keep Calm and Summer On: How to Keep Your Dog Cool, Comfortable and Safe this Summer

Q: What are top three reasons people bring their dogs to the vet for during the summer? Once the weather begins to warm up, dogs often develop skin disease. The change in weather fills the environment with pollens, fleas, and ticks which can create an array of problems with dogs’ skin. Pollens exacerbate pre-existing allergiesRead More

Don't Drink the Water: Blue-Green Algae Can Be Deadly for Dogs and Other Animals

Thinkstock Before you take your dog to any body of water, check the local and state swimming advisories to see if there are any blue-green algae warnings. It should be the epitome of pure joy: a dog leaping off the dock and splashing into a lake on a sweltering summer day. But for some dogRead More

6 Ways Your Smartphone Camera Can Improve Your Next Vet Visit

Thinkstock Documenting your dog’s concerning problems with your smartphone camera can be a big help for your vet. About 10 years ago, clients started showing me pictures and videos oftheir pets.They’d whip out their smartphones for me to examine alongside the real thing on the exam table. At first I thought it was a gee-whizRead More

Lawn-Care Tips: How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Pets This Fall

Fall is officially here, if the prevalence of pumpkin-spicedeverything is any indication. And for those who take pride in cultivating a lovely lawn right up until the first snow, that means it’s time to do a bit of autumnal yard work. Of course, when pets enter the picture, those standard fall lawn-care tips you findRead More